October Roundup 2020

It’s been a busy launch month for ‘I’m Handling It’. Keep reading for a summary of October’s posts, what I’ve been up to and what’s planned for November!

I reviewed steering aids and wrote about the steps that need to be taken when adapting a car for disability. Being able to drive again has been really useful and helped me to feel more independent. I’ve also been enjoying the extra sense of freedom at a time when life feels otherwise more restricted. After having some difficulties replacing my wrist splint, and seeing people asking for recommendations, I wrote a review of the ones I tried. You can read it here: ‘Wrist Splints Review’.

I held my first interview with the wonderful Amy Hetherington, which was this month’s most read post. It was great to talk to someone who has grown up with upper limb disability and has things figured out better than I do. I’ve also felt really invigorated by the breadth and diversity of disabled voices on Twitter and wish I had found this community sooner!

Looking for a low-pain hobby, I had some success with painting. Some paints were better than others and I wrote about my experimentation in ‘Quick and Easy Art Media Review’. Continuing with the hobbies research I attended an accessible instruments showcase online and have been working on a piece for November all about one-handed and accessible music. This is something I’ve enjoyed exploring as I grew up playing music and miss being able to do it pain-free.

The resources page is starting to take shape, with plenty of room for growth. This month I added links to a range of online fitness classes, to go with my post ‘Sport and Fitness- Feel Confident Trying Something New’.

In November I have plans to write a tutorial for needle punching which I have managed to adapt to be mostly one-handed. I also want to write a review of the online pharmacy I have been using for the past six months. As ever, if you have any ideas or input you can reach me on Twitter, by commenting at the bottom of this page, or by email. You can stay up to date with new posts and other new by following on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

Welcome to everybody and thank you for your support!

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