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5 Smartphone Grips to Make Holding Your Phone Easier

Holding phones in an awkward way can cause pain flare ups for those with chronic hand and wrist complaints like arthritis, RSI, carpal tunnel or EDS.

Smartphone grips for small hands, weak grip or subluxing joints can make holding a phone more secure and comfortable. Below are some of the different options for phone grips and key search terms to help find them online. Adhesive grips can be positioned in the optimal place for each individual’s hand size and left- or right-handedness.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will earn money from qualifying purchases. I use and would recommend the Frienda elastic straps linked below but have not tried the other products. Clicking on an image will take you to its Amazon product page.

Elastic Strap

Elastic strap attached to the back of a smartphone. One finger is being used to hold the strap. 4 strap colours are shown, gold, pink, silver and black
Frienda 4pcs Finger Strap Phone Holder
Amazon UK

Search for: Adhesive elastic strap, phone finger grip, phone stand

Relatively slim, and can be used with one to four fingers. Some come with a kickstand, and/or a card holding pocket. I find this type of strap comfortable and secure, making the phone easy to hold without having to grip.

Popup Grip

Popsocket phone grip seen from the side. It has a flat, circular base with a tapered concertina middle part. The top is round and flat with a black and white marbled design
Popsockets PopGrip Ghost Marble
Amazon UK

Search for: Popsockets, popup grip

This plastic grip is adhesive and is clasped between fingers. It can be flattened or extended with a push, and can double as a prop stand. There are lots of different colours and patterns and they are widely available on Etsy and Amazon.

Ring Holder

Rainbow iridescent ring is shown from the side. Another view shows it being used as a landscape view stand for a phone. Indicates that it is magnetic and can attach to a magnetic mount.
Cell Phone Ring Holder
Amazon UK

Search for: Phone ring kickstand, adhesive, magnetic

A metal or plastic ring that can be folded flat into the phone, for one or two fingers. Some can be used as a stand when folded out, and may contain a magnet for mounting onto an in-car stand. Rings can be adhesive or come as part of a case. Many have 360 degree rotation allowing different holding positions.

Silicone Strap

Silicone strap extending from the camera hole in a phone case to the diagonal bottom corner. A hand is being used to show it is stretchy.
Sinjimoru Silicone Stretching Strap
Amazon UK

Search for: Universal silicone strap/grip/band/loop

This strap is attatched by the inside of your phone case which has to have a camera hole (case usually not included). They are long enough to fit 4 fingers and the angle can be set as preferred.

Slide Up Finger Grip

A lilac strip on the back of a smartphone is pushed up, creating a loop for one finger to fit through and hold the phone.
Pela colapsible grip
Amazon UK

Search for Pela, Speck GrabTab, Momostick, slide up phone finger holder/ grip

These grips are relatively low profile when not in use. They usually fit one finger and can double as a stand. Some brands include card-holders or biodegradeable design.

When choosing remember to check which surfaces an adhesive is compatible with!